It’s time to kick old-fashioned wedding traditions off the plank. Yarr!

What do you say, Mate? Archaic etiquette and ridiculous rules can swim with the fishies once and for all. Hello, shark bait.

Let’s talk about you. You are not afraid to twist tradition into a new vision that actually reflects your personality, aspirations and desires. You are not the type to follow the polyester path trampled by other brides. And you question everything – which is why your partner loves you so very very much.

You’re unabashedly bold and you are seeking so much more than just a white wedding day. You want color – and you want A LOT of it – in every aspect of your life. Not just your floral arrangements. You, my beautiful friend, are fearless.

You’re fearless because you’re a a Pirate, and your sea legs are strong. You’re lovin’ the tumultuous ride we call L-O-V-E and you’re ready to conquer the world. But first, let’s start with your wedding.


Bridal Rebellion is a community of visionary Pirate Brides who aren’t afraid to have a lil’ fun and create one helluva wedding. Consider this website your ship o’ love. Kinda like a Carnival cruise sans the buffet and belly flop contest.

And I’m here for you. 

If you want a clear vision for your wedding planning experience, easy breezy one-on-one coaching sessions, a customized Rebellious Bride’s Look Book, and finally, an action plan to help you make it all happen, check out the The Rebellious Bride’s Wedding Kit (and Kaboodle!).

And of course, if you’re seeking adventure and booty (yep!), it’s time to slap on your eye patch listen to the Bridal Rebellion Podcast for interviews with the most disruptive leaders in the wedding industry and the most radical and lovable brides.

Shiver me timbers! 

Aye, it’s me. Your fellow Pirate, “Fancypants” Kira Hug

Bridal Rebellion Pirate 2014_sword

Once that engagement ring slides on your finger, life gets wild. Absolutely WILD. I know. I’ve been there.

If you’re anything like me, preparing to marry the love of your life is the farthest thing from “settling down.” Quite the opposite. This is a time to rise UP — to reassert your independence, to rediscover lost passions, and to shift into a space of accelerated transformation + growth … emotionally, mentally, physically + spiritually.

Preparing for your wedding is an ELECTRIC time. And you can ride that wave of endorphins + adrenaline to accomplish grand + unbelievable things. Instead of cutting back on work, soirees, travel, and extracurricular pleasures, you can dive in — full-throttle. You can move into that new apartment on Avenue B. You can land that promotion — or maybe launch a new business. You can dazzle your pals + peers with your lovin’ glow — and with your commitment to keep dreaming, keep growing, and keep redefining what matters … and what makes you come alive.

But let’s back it up. First, I’ll tell you about my escapades as a bride-to-be in NYC — and the story of how Bridal Rebellion became my entrepreneurial love-child.

My love story.

I met my partner at a boozey pumpkin carving contest. He took my picture. And then took me on a date. And a few more. Six months later, we were laughing and dreaming and truth-telling and swoony-forever-devoted. He proposed to me next to his urban beehive, on a rooftop deck in the Meatpacking district. The ring was hidden inside the buzzing cluster of honey + wax. And the rest is (recent) history.

Spark. Sizzle. POW.

All my life, I’ve had an entrepreneurial spirit — like a tiny orange spark, waiting for the Big Idea to arrive, and swirl my world into a blazing bonfire.

That Big Idea came to me during the wildest + most intense year of my life — the year I planned my wedding. I came crunching into a problem, and couldn’t find a joyful solution. So like any hyper-creative gal with tech-chops woulda done: I created one.

The problem.

In a word, or three? Wedding planning blows. Seriously, following all the rules is stressful, especially when you’re juggling your career and a zillion other things. As a bride-to-be, I hated the idea of creating a cookie-cutter wedding and adhering to so-called etiquette. It felt so traditional…grabby…and gross.

And it struck me — what if there was a way to allow couples to feel like creative superheroes while planning their wedding? What if there was a service that was profoundly personal, experience-centered, stylish, spunky, and 1,000% awesome? What if there was a way to actually have FUN while planning your wedding?

About a hundred what-ifs later … Bridal Rebellion was born. And it’s all that, and more.

Me. Now. Today.

As the voice + creator of Bridal Rebellion — and your fellow Pirate — I am your rebellious curator, your storyteller, your art director and your challenger. And sometimes, I’m even your therapist.

Under my care + design wizardry, your l-o-v-e story will be translated into a radical wedding and life.

Let’s play.

And when you’re ready to play like Pirates — and to share your love story with the world — give me a shout. And we’ll rock it out.

Email: kirahug@registryrebellion.com


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